Career Opportunities with ATRIBS METSCON Group


Job Description:-

Effective coordination of, and support to, key governance meetings and events

  1.   (e.g. Project and Programme Boards), including scheduling, diary management, timely preparation of support materials to defined standards, such as agendas, status reporting and specific presentations, accurate minutes, and the publication of pre-reads and tracking of associated decisions and action updates.
  2.   Establish and maintain documentation repository with appropriate configuration management of key documents and artefacts, to protect delivery integrity.
  3.   Maintenance of project or programme team details such as clear team organisation chart with identified programme or projects roles, responsibilities, and contact details.
  4.   Provide guidance to programme or project team members to ensure the application of Informatics standards, tools and techniques to facilitate effective and consistent delivery standards. This would include use of correct template and formatting, proactive identification of upcoming governance requirements and deadlines.
  5.   Acting as first contact point on behalf of team, providing accurate signposting to support requests for information, and escalating delivery status changes or concerns to the project or programme manager.
  6.   Support the application of standard project and programme support techniques, including but not restricted to: Lessons Learned, project or programme set-up, planning, RAID, change control, benefits tracking, project or programme closure, procurement support

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