Career Opportunities with ATRIBS METSCON Group


Job Description:-

Minimum Experience and Knowledge: 

  • 6-8 years experience of which at least 4 years should be on RPA solutions
  • Experience working with SQL. XML data and NoSQL data stores
  • Expert knowledge of Automation Anywhere for developing front office and back office robots.
  • Hands on experience in Robotic Process Automation RPA with different platforms and multiple successful implementations in Production environment.
  • Develop robots using Automation Anywhere and Identifying and debugging the errors using Error Handlers.
  • Used Automation Anywhere Object recorder to manage and execute windows controls as a background process.
  • Good Knowledge on Running scheduled tasks.

Job-Specific Skills:

  • RPA Technologies: Automation Anywhere, automation tools like OCR, Web Recorder, Email Automation, Clipboard, Error Handling, Image Recognition, Internet Connection, Message Box, Rest Web Service, Soap Web Service, Screen Capture, Send Email, String Operation, Terminal Emulator, Variable operation, Xml, Window Action, Prompt, Object Cloning, Meta Bot, Citrix, VB Script.
  • Programming Languages: .NET, Node.js, Xml and Scripting with multiple languages. –
  • Ability to interpret and visualize business process flows and translate the same into automation solutions.
  • Bot Deployment and Management/ Exposure to Control room and release management.
  • Identifying new process opportunities and accurately analyzing and estimating new processes, quickly assessing feasibility.
  • Identifying and communicating the technical infrastructure requirements.
  • Designing Automation process solutions in accordance with standard design principles and conventions.
  • Creating and maintaining solution documentation.


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